You may not know this, but rather the extremely prominent Bitcoin cryptocurrency isn’t generally as anonymous as the same number of individuals thinks.

Actually, Bitcoin is really a pseudonymous cryptocurrency, although numerous individuals consider it an anonymous coin. Indeed, as long as your identity is not connected to your wallet address, it is basically difficult to figure out who owns the wallet. The issue is that this connection can be effectively established using web trackers and cookies.

So how is it that the first cryptocurrency, which has been distributed as anonymous, isn’t generally as safe as we thought? Despite the fact that this absence of privacy seriously impedes the fungibility of Bitcoin, as of now the developers in charge of managing Bitcoin aren’t giving careful consideration to this immense issue. It appears that they have a greater issue which they are managing: Cybersecurity and its scalability.

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Obviously, these issues are anything but a mystery and many have chosen to bring matters into their very own hands and begin creating cryptocurrencies which they consider to be genuinely private trying to recapture full anonymity and fungibility inside their very own cryptocurrency.

The mission for privacy has just begun. Accordingly, we bring you top 3 privacy projects on the cryptocurrency space.


In the event that you need genuine security when managing cryptocurrencies, Monero is a leader amongst the best digital currencies that focus on maintaining anonymity.

In a standard blockchain, the measures of coins that are being exchanged are constantly obvious. This isn’t the situation with Monero. This cryptocurrency is private to the point that you can’t see the sums being exchanged between various parties.

One of the instances of its security can be seen looking back towards the shutdown of Alphabay in July of 2017. Alphabay is one of the world’s biggest markets on the dark web which was closed down by the US Government on the twentieth of July, 2017. Amid the season of the shutdown, the proprietor of Alphabay had resources as Monero. Unfortunately, The law enforcement agents were so unfortunate that they could not make sense of the amount of Monero the proprietor really had. This was not the case for other digital assets that the proprietor of Alphabay possessed.

The keys behind Monero’s security are unpredictable cryptographic strategies like Kovri, Ring Signatures, RingCT, and even Stealth addresses which ensure the protection of the considerable number of people who use Monero. Furthermore, Monero was never pre-mined or insta-mined when it was being launched, which adds greater security to the cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to Monero. In view of its convoluted cryptographic strategies, the exchange sizes for Monero are a lot bigger than that of Bitcoin. This implies every exchange takes longer, something that a few clients aren’t willing to manage. Although, numerous different clients are completely eager to forfeit a bit of time so as to enjoy an immense measure of privacy and security. As more people begin to appreciate the importance of anonymity, we are really positive that the growth of Monero will surely soar.


Another cryptocurrency which is advancing towards secrecy is Zcash.

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been executed yet, zk-SNARK is a zero-information proofs protocol which is intended to make Zcash totally secure. In any case, at the given moment, Zcash does at present utilize an open blockchain which is fundamentally the same as Bitcoin.

The most serious issue with the zk-SNARK protocol is that any client who needs total protection with Zcash should have at the absolute minimum 4GB of RAM. This is a huge obstacle which is as of now preventing Zcash from adopting this protocol. Fortunately, there is a great deal of research being done to make the usage of zk-SNARK a reality. At the point when the unexpected occurs and this protocol becomes an integral part of Zcash, it will likewise end up a standout amongst the most secure cryptocurrency available. Until that minute, watch out for Zcash and be prepared for it to end up one of the rulers in the privacy world.


As of late, PIVX has executed the Zerocoin protocol, which has effectively given it an edge in the privacy field over different digital assets. PIVX is the first cryptocurrency to utilize a proof of stake framework. Without employing any complicated technological jargons, Zerocoin protocol takes into consideration custom upgrades which enhance transactions at the blockchain level through unlinkability, implying that it’s difficult to integrate it into an entity. This is actualized by a mixing administration which utilizes the zero-knowledge proofs to terminate the connection between the sender of PIVX and its recipient, in this way successfully giving you full intractability and anonymity. This implies each coin sent through the framework has no exchange history appended to it, which makes it 100% fungible.

Despite the fact that this execution of Zerocoin is still new and there are numerous difficulties confronting the development team of the cryptocurrency, if effective and when linked to PIVX’s super-quick exchange speeds, PIVX can without much of a stretch turn into an extremely incredible cryptocurrency.